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Johnny Teague for Congress

Let Our Beliefs and Our Votes be the same
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My Focus

Education - Ensure that parents have primary say on what their children are taught 
Reduce Crime - Crime rates are at record highs.  We must properly fund the police, hold all accountable, and ensure that our court system is doing its job. 
Close the Border - Thousands illegally cross our border daily. Many are well-meaning, but some bring crime, Covid, and worse.  We must close the border and screen who comes in for our safety.
Defend Oil and Gas - Electric and Wind are great, but in the winter, they will not suffice alone. Nothing compares to the power, efficiency, and economy of oil and gas.  
Balance the Federal Budget - The Government's debt is unsustainable.  Our nation grows weaker by the day because of it.  We must balance the budget, set the annual budget based on annual tax revenues and nothing above that, and pay down our debt.  
Build Our National Defense - Russia upgraded 80% of their nuclear weapons. China's naval power has surpassed ours.  Both have become overly aggressive and now act in concert.  The only way to hold our enemies at bay is to remain strong militarily. 
Set Term Limits for government officials - The longer a politician serves, the less attentive they are to their constituents.  Government officials must serve the people and not themselves.  
Eliminate Property Taxes - Mankind needs food, water, and shelter.  Food and water are not taxed. Shelter should not be either. Each citizen should be able to own a home and pass it on to family.  

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Our nation was built on God’s Word, the Declaration of Independence was placed on top of that declaring we are a free people, and then on top of that the Constitution - a list of laws, rights, and limitations on government. We have since removed the Bible from the foundation thinking all we needed was a Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Now the courts are slowly reversing parts of the Constitution while other government entities are ignoring it. That leaves us with the Declaration of Independence. But if we are just independent, with no laws, then all can do what they want. Disorder and danger result. A cry for a stronger, more powerful authoritarian government ensues where rights are eroded all in the name of safety. It is where we are today.

I am an American Christian who is running for office. I believe we need to return to the Foundation that made this nation exceptional - God's Word, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution with our Bill of Rights. We should not bend or negotiate away what is right.

Morality is eroding, as are our families, and our love of country. We have become a nation of takers and a nation of victims. If weeping lasts for a night and joy comes in the morning, then the inverse is true - pleasure lasts for a night but heartache comes in the morning. There is a way that seems right to man, but in the end, it leads to destruction. What is right in our nation is now called wrong. What is wrong is now embraced as right and all are being pressured to accept it. We must take a stand now, in this election before it is too late. I am asking for your vote.



Johnny Teague for Congress