Houston, TX – Dr. Johnny Teague, a rancher, historian, published author, patent holder, pastor,
and candidate for Congress in the 7 th Congressional District issued the following statement
regarding China’s initiative to corner the market in cobalt mining.

“The Biden Administration has shut down our oil and gas lines, and limited production with the
goal to drive our nation to electric vehicles. China, seeing the opportunity, has beat the Biden
Economic team to the Cobalt supply in the Congo. With that move, the United States finds itself
dependent in yet another area to China. We already depend on them for microchips. We
already depend on them for manufacturing. Now, we will be dependent on them for solar panels
and batteries for electric vehicles.

It is time we say no! America has many assets that make the United States superior in
competition with China. One, we are a free people. Two, we are industrious, which is why
China constantly seeks to steal our production and technology secrets. And Three, we have
plenty of oil and gas – something China needs. It is time we go back to our strengths. No
athletic team wins by playing to the strengths of the opponent. Teams win by using their

We need to go back to our oil and gas production. We need to go back to the efficiency,
economy, power, and dependability of gas-powered engines. We need to produce what China
needs – oil and gas. Then we can use that leverage to win at every turn.”

Johnny Teague for Congress


I am a preacher, cattle rancher, hunter, & happily married man determined to fight for the freedoms & principles our nation was founded on.