Houston, TX – Dr. Johnny Teague, a rancher, historian, published author, patent holder,
pastor and candidate for Congress in the 7th Congressional District issued the following
statement regarding books carried in our public school libraries.

When I was in Jr. High, every guy was into sports. It seemed everyone played football for
Coach Hart. It seemed everyone played basketball for Coach Becker. And, because we loved
sports, we loved sports magazines. The biggest at that time was Sports Illustrated.
In Jr. High, every guy began to be captivated by girls. It just so happens that at that age, an
awkward time, puberty sets in. One day I was in class and noticed the guys looking at a Sports
Illustrated. Many of us were subscribers, but this one Sports Illustrated really had the guys’
attention, and no it wasn’t the swimsuit issue. When the teacher walked in, the guys acted all
guilty, and shoved the Sports Illustrated under some books that were kept under the desk. I
thought that was strange. Yes, we should not be looking at magazines in class, but why such a
caught-in-the-act reaction? Later, in another class, I saw the guys all gathered around that same
Sports Illustrated, oohing and ahhing, sweat beads on their foreheads.

These were my friends, so I finally went over to see what athlete was featured – was it Roger
Staubach, Captain America? Was it Walter Payton, Sweetness himself? When I got close, the
guys closed it and said, “You don’t want to see this J.T.”. I didn’t understand. I said, “Yes I do
fellas. What are y’all so ramped up about? I have the same issue at home. I don’t remember
anything that exciting.”. It was then that they opened their Sports Illustrated magazine. Theirs
was definitely different from mine. They had taken the cover off the recent Sports Illustrated
magazine and put it around a Hustler magazine. They were googling over the naked women. I
was shocked. I wanted to look more, but I had given my life to the Lord Jesus and knew that
though my flesh wanted to see it, my spirit knew better. I was conflicted but tore myself away.
The guys knew I wouldn’t know what to say, which gave them a fun time razzing me in a good-
natured way. What I just saw in school was porn hidden.

What is in our schools today is porn promoted. Books with porn can now be checked out by our
kids in the school library with all the profanity-laden, descriptive words spelled out. Graphic
depictions of sex between one man and one woman. Sex between several men and several
women at the same time, taking turns. Sex between a man and a man, a woman and a woman.
Sex acts and sex role plays. Sex between older men and younger boys. All that is available in our
schools to our kids in the name of “education”. Educators will even say it is for the physical
well-being of our kids so that they know how, and how-to in a safer manner. The administrators
say it is for the mental health of those whose preferences go against the norm, to remove the
taboo – all in the name of suicide-prevention. No longer do the boys in Jr. High need a Sports Illustrated cover to mask their hormonal pull, they can open it up, leave it on the desk, and even
invite the teacher over for some scholarly rating of the method.

The only ones this is being somewhat hidden from are the parents of these kids. Many in the
Education Industrial Complex believe the parents are not sophisticated enough to engage their
children in an intellectual conversation about such things. Today, teachers can take our
daughters down to get an abortion to protect them from irrational-reacting parents. Now the
school nurse can get birth control for our teens without our permission, all in the name of
sexual health. What has happened to our nation? What has happened in our schools? It is called
indoctrination. Porn can be allowed in the school library, but not a Bible - God forbid that, or
should I say Academia forbid that. Reeducation camps are being built all around our cities. Have
you noticed how many “schools” and school buildings are being built with your tax dollar, yet
you as a parent and a taxpayer are labeled too simple to have a say in what is taught?
I praise God for Christian teachers and Christian administrators who are objecting and refusing
to go along. It is time we take back our nation and that begins in our homes and in schools.
We need to let our tax dollars go to the schools we send our kids – public schools, private
schools, Christian schools, or legitimate homeschools. If the money is moved from such
vileness, I think the public schools will realize they must answer to the parents and the taxpayers
or cease to exist. God says woe to the culture that calls wrong right, and right wrong. God is
calling us through Deuteronomy 6:1-9. Will we respond?

Johnny Teague for Congress


I am a preacher, cattle rancher, hunter, & happily married man determined to fight for the freedoms & principles our nation was founded on.